Five Favorites Friday #16

14 Jun

Good morning guys!

It’s FRIDAY!!! Thank goodness! This week has been one of those weeks that just drags. On. Forever. I’m so happy that it’s over and we can finally enjoy the weekend!

I’m happy to say that I have some exciting things planned this weekend, including a hike, some farmers market hopping, a performance at church, AND a blog dinner with some other VA bloggers! So pumped!

But since it’s Friday and I’m sure everyone is raring to get to the weekend, let’s just right into our Five Favorites Friday!

(For those not familiar with Five Favorites Friday, it’s where I talk about 5 totally random, and often ridiculous, things that I’ve been loving this week).

1. Favorite Way to Eat Leftovers: Clean Out the Fridge meal!

Our fridge was getting pretty packed with leftovers (Ok, there seriously wasn’t even a place for our yogurt anymore…), so Chris and I decided to just have a giant leftovers feast. You know, the kind where you end up with this total hodge podge of small portions of random and unrelated leftovers.

Yup, that kind.


I ended up with a GIGANTIC taco-ish salad, complete with black beans, rice, tomatoes with green chilis, greek yogurt, the last of the tortilla chips (added after this photo was taken), and some salsa. Yup, random. But it worked. Even better – by the time I’d finished adding everything I had enough for 2 meals. Leftover win!

2. Favorite New Workout Inspiration: Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up

I’ve mentioned this a few times in the past week, but I’ve been loosely following the Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up Plan (I use loosely, because I’m really just using the workouts and incorporating them into my usual cardio).

I’ve really loved them so far because she does a great job of bringing in some totally new to me moves and combos (like lunges straight into 1-legged rows? Yes ma’am!) Plus I love that they are short and to the point, yet leave my muscles screaming afterwards. I’ve been incorporating them into my working during lunch and loving it!

3. Favorite Commuting/Running Partner: Audiobooks!

Guys, I’ve seriously gotten obsessed with audiobooks lately. You see, I love to read but have had a very hard time finding the time in the past year or so. I read like 3 books on my honeymoon and remembered why I loved reading so much, and I vowed to try and read more. But alas, time got the best of me.

Enter: Audiobooks! These fancy little things that you can check out right from the library’s website and listen to on your commute, during your run, when you’re trying to tune out mr. grunty on the weight machines. They are awesome! Plus it’s a great was to get your “reading” in when you’re low on time to just sit and crack a book.

In the last month I’ve listed to: The Lucky One, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, and I’m currently listening to Game of Thrones book 1.

4. Favorite Summer Breakfast: Yogurt Bowls!

(First of all, almost just typed “bowels”. Yuck). Yogurt bowls seriously used to be a staple when I was in grad school and when I lived on my own. However, for whatever reason, in the past few months my warm weather go to has been cereal and fruit.

But no longer, my friends! The glorious yogurt bowl has returned!


My yogurt bowls usually consist of chobani, frozen mixed fruit, and granola. Then you just mix it all together until it’s a giant mess and enjoy!

5. Favorite Summer TV Show: So You Think You Can  Dance

Honestly, I’m not usually super in to a lot of the summer shows. Every once and a while there will be a good one that comes on (in my opinion), but I usually spend the summers catching up on TV shows I’m behind on and watching old shows on Netflix.

There is one exception this summer.


I’m so excited guys! I may dance like the most awkward, nerdy white girl myself – but I LOVE watching other people dance. I’m always so in awe of the way they can move their bodies and express emotion through their movement.

Plus I think Nigel and Mary (and most of the time the guest judges) are hilarious!


There you have it – 5 totally random things that I’m loving this week.

So tell me: What are you guys loving?


Tips For Working Out During the Work Day

13 Jun

Good Morning and happy Thursday!

Sadly I’m up SUPER bright and early this morning to get into work by 6:30am. I know. Yuck. Normally I’m barely downing my first cup of coffee by 6:30!

But by going in early, I’m also going to get to leave early so that I can head up to Washington, DC for the high school graduation of some dear family friends. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to a high school graduation party – so this should definitely be interesting!


Working Out At Work

Anyway, I wanted to talk to you guys about how to work out during work hours.

As many of you may know, since I started my new job in March, I’ve been really lucky in that a) we have a gym very close to our office that we can utilize, and b) many of my coworkers go during their lunch breaks.

Because of this, I’ve been able to go to the gym at least 2 days a week during the work day to get in an hour long workout (I take Tuesdays and Thursdays, and switch off with my coworkers for MWF so that someone is always in the office during the lunch hour).

Over these past few months I’ve learned a few tips and tricks on how to work out in the middle of the day, and still be professional when you return.

Tips banner


1. Neatly Fold Your Clothes When You Change

Whether your changing in the locker room at the gym, or in the bathroom in your office (which is usually what I do), the best thing to do is to do your very best to fold or hang your clothes.

That way, once you return from your workout you can change out of your gym clothes and back into your work clothes without looking like a wrinkled mess. It may also be a good idea to bring extra undergarments as well (TMI maybe, but you all know it’s true.)

2. If You Cant Shower, Bring Some Body Wipes

I, personally, don’t shower after a work out during my lunch break. Because if I did, I’d use up half my gym time showering, drying my hair, and reapplying makeup. MAYBE this will change once the summer really hits, but right now I just don’t think it’s worth it.

However, I’m not about to put on my work clothes when I’m gross and sweaty.  So I’ve started brining some body wipes to wipe down with. I personally like the simple wipes (even though they are facial wipes), but my coworker has recommended baby wipes which I might have to try next too.

A light body spray can also be a good idea if you’re feeling insecure about how you smell or share close quarters. Just be careful you don’t pick something with an overwhelming scent!


3. Make Sure To Bring Your Morning Essentials (i.e. Deodorant)

Do not, I repeat DO NOT, forget to bring deodorant with you. No one wants to smell you after a workout. It sounds like common sense, but I can’t repeat the importance of this one enough.


4. Reapply Basic Makeup (but don’t go overboard)

If you’re a makeup person, make sure you bring a few essentials. Unless you get sweaty enough to completely wash your face, you probably don’t need to apply EVERYTHING again. Plus, that can take a few extra minutes away from your workout!

Instead, focus on a few things that will really brighten up your face. Use some oil sheets to wipe off the excess (and maybe even powder if you’re super shiny), mascara and some lip product. Everything else can get really cakey over a sweaty face, and no one wants that.


5. Learn The Wonders of Dry Shampoo And Hairspray

Seriously dry shampoo can be your best friend. If you haven’t bought some, I definitely recommend checking it out. Plus, it’s usually like $3-4 so it certainly wont break the bank. It will not only sop up the oils and/or sweat in your hair, but most will add some volume and life back into it too.

The other option (which I often do because I’m lazy) is to bring some hairspray and put your hair up into a nice classy ponytail, braid, or simple updo that looks professional in your work place (oh how I wish I could get away with a messy bun sometimes!).

Since I have super fine hair that often goes a little lifeless when it gets sweaty, this seems to work best for me.

6. Be Considerate Of Your Office Mates

When it comes down to it, make sure you talk to your office mates about your gym habits, especially if you are in close quarters. Know your office’s policy on lunch hours and how many people need to be in your office (for example, I switch off with my other coworkers during the week to make sure that there are always people in the office).

In general, just remember that your job does come first. You certainly don’t want to get in trouble or lose your job over a workout! Be courteous, be back on time, and don’t smell like the homeless man outside your building!


I hope this helps any of you who were considering the possibility of working out during the day. I’d love to hear any other tips that you all have for how you stay clean and professional during work-day workouts!

So tell me: Do you workout during the workday? If so, any tips for staying professional?

WIAW: Tuna Edition

12 Jun

Ok, so maybe it’s just because I’m a total dork, but whenever I hear the word “Tuna” it almost always makes me have flashbacks to The Office.

Please tell me other Office fans do the same thing?

“Large Tuna” . I die.

OK, sorry – I’m back from my Office moment.

Let’s get on to the IMPORTANT things today! It’s Wednesday, so I’m pretty sure that you all know what that means! It’s time for a What I Ate Wednesday!

For anyone not familiar with What I Ate Wednesday, please check out creator Jenn’s blog. She does a great job of explaining why WIAW was created, and what it means to bloggers and blog readers.

So let’s get to it! Here are my eats from Tuesday!


Finally managed to change it up from the frosted mini wheats and fruit that I’ve been a bit obsessed with, and changed to a yogurt bowl instead. It consisted of vanilla greek yogurt, topped with frozen mixed berries and homemade apple cinnamon granola. Again, I haven’t quite perfected this recipe yet, so I’m not ready to share it, but I promise I will once it’s ready. How do you get granola to be clumpy???



Snack #1

Around 10:30 my coworkers brought me coffee my our favorite coffee shop. Glad they know me so well!


Lunch resulted from a total weekend craving for tuna salad. I literally don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve had it! I mixed a can of tuna (in waster) with some dijon mustard, chopped dill pickles, chopped celery, and a tiny bit of mayo. Delicious! I ate it with some pita chips, and paired some watermelon on the side. I brought an apple too, but ended up being too full to eat it!



Snack #2

I had originally brought some hummus and celery for an afternoon snack, but after our lunch workout, my coworker convinced me to get a smoothie from the gym snack bar. I’m such a pushover. This one was “mangolicious” – Mangos, pineapple and protein powder. It was super mango-y and delicious. I guess hence the name Mangolicious?



We had picked up some tuna steaks on sale at the grocery store this week, and didn’t decide to make them tonight until AFTER I had already packed tuna fish for lunch. It’s a double tuna day! Covered in cajun blackening seasoning, and paired with grilled veggies and some garlic and chive mashed potatoes.

We were even able to eat out on the porch it was so nice outside!




I ended up eating a few bites of cookies and cream ice cream while catching up on some TV shows. Darn ice cream gets me every time!


Workout #1

As I mentioned before, I went to the gym near my job during lunch with one of my coworkers. I started with 20 minutes of hill intervals on the elliptical, before completing the Summer Shape Up workout from the Fitnessista. Holy cow, my arms were on fire!

Workout #2

After work I headed to my normal gym. I completed 30 minutes of intervals on the elliptical (my last week before half training starts, so I’m getting my elliptical time in while I can!), and 10 minutes of speed intervals on the stairmaster. I then did about 15 minutes of abs before spending another 15 minutes stretching.

I’m trying to get better about including more stretching into my workouts!


Well there you have it – What I Ate on Wednesday Tuesday and my workouts!

So tell me: What did you eat today?