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Ticks, Tacos and Talking Shop

17 Jun

Good morning!!

Or should I say Congratulations! We have officially survived the weekend!

Haha, I always felt that way in college when Monday morning came around. Not that I was really all that crazy of a college kid, but just in the fact that weekends in college usually revolved around way too many activities and way too little sleep.

Anyway, I’m sad/happy to say that I don’t actually have a TON of stuff to recap for you. This weekend was actually fairly chill, for the most part. Which was desperately needed around here, let me tell you.

But let’s look anyway, just for S & Gs, ok?


After battling traffic on my way home on Friday afternoon, I quickly threw some snacks together for our Friday night bible study meeting. No pictures because people started arriving while I was finishing up, and I don’t know everyone QUITE well enough to tell them about my little corner of blogland quite yet.

We ended up getting out a little early though and decided to go catch a movie! There are so many good ones out right now! We decided on The Internship because we were looking for something funny. And let me tell you, it definitely lived up to the previews. It was SO funny and dorky and I loved every second of it!



We were up SUPER early on Saturday morning (which is just wrong in my opinion) to hit up the farmers market because I had a work function that I needed to be at by 10am.


We picked up some green beans, 2 squash, zucchini, mini Sonoma bread & red, white and blue scones (from Great Harvest), whole wheat pita bread, goat milk ricotta, and eggs. Most of these are new to us products (we’re trying out this whole farm fresh egg thing to see if it’s REALLY that much different), so we’re excited to try them out!

After my work event, which went from 10-11, I sat in traffic for 2.5 hours to get home. Yes, 2.5 hours to go the < 30 miles to my house. Insane. I even had to stop by Wawa for some sustenance because it was nearly 2pm and I hadn’t eaten anything since 7:30!

Finally I made it closer to home and decided that since my workout plans were out the window because of time, I might as well swing by a get a quick haircut. Just a trim though, nothing exciting!

I made it home just in time to change and head out on our next adventure: Hiking at Caledon State Park with Chris and his sister (and all our dogs)!


I intended on taking more pictures, but ended up getting totally distracted by the hike itself and didn’t even think of it until we got into the car! Boo!


Laney sure enjoyed herself though! She was one pooped puppy dog by the time we got home!

Chris, his sister and I headed home and made some simple turkey tacos for dinner. The weather was so gorgeous that we were even able to eat out on the deck and spend some time relaxing.

Which was good, because then we started to find some ticks on us. And spent the next 2 HOURS pulling ticks off of us and the dogs. Probably more than 75 in total. It was RIDICULOUS. And let me tell you, trying to get a dog to sit still while you pull 25+ ticks off of them is not an easy feat.

Needless-to-say, that basically took up the entire rest of our evening. Stupid bugs.


Luckily we got to sleep in a little on Sunday morning to recover before heading to church.

After a quick grocery stop, I headed home to change because Chris and I had big afternoon plans: The start of half marathon training!

I’m probably going to talk about this more later, because I think it deserves a post of it’s own, but we are signed up for the Hokie Half Marathon in September and we have some lofty goals for this one! Last time we were running for experience. This time we’re running to improve our time. Which means a very different kind of training plan than last time around. 

So we headed out on a 5 mile run, and tried to pick up the pace. Guys, this was seriously one of my worst runs EVER. EVERRRRRRRRR. There were tears. and curse words. and lots of stopping to keep from totally melting down. I hit a total mental block. Bad, just BAD.

We ended up cutting it to about 4.5 miles, and made it back in a very pathetic (and MUCH slower) time than planned. Just not my day.

Thankfully I didn’t have time to stew about it, because I had to hop in the shower and head down to Richmond for a VA Bloggers meet up!

(Please pardon the fact that I look like a half-face giant in the picture. I should clearly not try and pretend that I’m tall in group pictures and stand on my tippy toes in the back. Not a good look for me.)

We met up at Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant in Richmond, and spent a few hours chatting about Blogging, life outside of blogging, significant others, and various other random things.


I love these kinds of meet ups, because it’s so nice to not only meet other bloggers, but get the chance to “talk shop” (HA!) with others who understand the weird quirks that come with a hobby like this. Like everyone pulling out their smart phone to instagram pictures of their dinner. The norm.


Anyway, there you have it – my not-so-exciting-yet-still-very-fun weekend. Complete with ticks. Gross.

So tell me: What did you do this weekend? Have you ever had to deal with ticks before??


Two Races Too Many

20 May

Good Morning guys!

It’s Monday, and I’ll be honest and say that this is one of those Mondays that I wish was a holiday because I could REALLY use some extra time to sleep in and recover from my weekend. If I ever become President of the Universe, I’m pretty sure that’s going to be my first goal: Make all weekends 3 days. Who wouldn’t be happy about that?

This weekend could basically be summarized as “race weekend” or “That time we did too many races in one weekend”. We got a little overzealous in our planning. And at least I am definitely paying for it today.

But let’s back up a bit and review.


I actually don’t have any pictures from Friday afternoon, because it was a bit crazy. I ended up getting off work early thanks to some flex time I had, and spent most of the afternoon cleaning house, running errands, and generally running around like a stressed out, crazy person. And I’ll be honest – I’m not the most pleasant person when I’m really stressed out. Chris can attest to that.

The reason for my insanity was that we were hosting (and leading) a new bible study at our house. So not only did I have to worry about the house being clean and their being enough food, but I also was worrying whether people would get along, would they come back, could they find our house alright… etc. I was kind of a mess!

But luckily everything went off without a hitch and I think it was a good time. I know I enjoyed myself! Sadly I don’t have any pictures though.

By the time everyone left at 9, Chris and I basically cleaned up and passed out.



We were up bright and early Saturday morning for race #1. We started by filling up on eggs with cheese and salsa and half and English muffin (with PB/greek yogurt) and tea.


We then headed out on the 1 hour drive to Southern Maryland for the Warrior Dash!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Warrior Dash, it’s basically a 3.5 mile “run” (or hike through the woods) in the mud, with 10 obstacles of varying difficulty placed randomly throughout the course. There are balance obstacles (cargo net climb, balance beam with obstacles, swinging chains to climb), climbing obstacles (a giant wall, several pyramid obstacles to climb, etc), and several mud pits with barbed wire to go under. Basically, you get REALLY dirty.


There were actually a TON of people there, and the staging area was pretty packed the entire time. Chris and I managed to snap a picture when we were nice and clean, just to compare.

After the race (which ended up being a lot hillier than I thought it would be, but still a ton of fun), we headed straight to the hoses to rinse off before picking up my bag (and camera) from the bag check.


This is after about 10 minutes of rinsing. This picture just doesn’t do justice how muddy we were. I can’t wait for the official photos to come out. Let’s just say that Chris crossed the finish line with one muddy shoe in his hand…

After we got home, we cleaned up (and used up all the hot water in the shower because it took so long to get off all the mud!) and headed out to the Healthy Living Expo to pick up stuff for our NEXT race: The Marine Corps Historic 10K!

We originally went back and forth about doing this race, but finally decided to since it is LITERALLY in our back yard. It’s hard to pass up a race that is THAT close to your house!


Of course the expo included the Marine Corps mascot (This is the female version, so I’m not quite sure of her name) making guacamole at the Qdoba station.


Thankfully we were only running the 10K. There is no way that we could have done the full half after the Warrior Dash. Next year, though!

We spent the rest of the evening recovering and relaxing. Including some quality couch time with our new Zensah compression sleeves that we both picked up. After this weekend, I’m seriously in love with these things.




Sunday started out SUPER bright and early. I don’t know how some of you get up at 4:45 on a regular basis. I was dying. Chris and I headed out to the start of the 10K, which is a new race this year so it was much smaller than the half.

Thanks to some of my new gear, I felt a little like a 1980s jazzercise teacher. But hey, it’s about having fun, right?


I’m not going to lie guys, this was a TERRIBLE race for me. It was one of those races where everything that could go wrong, DID go wrong. Around mile 1.5 I started to get super nauseous and had to stop for a minute to make sure I didn’t throw up. Around mile 2 (and the start of all the hills) my right knee started really bugging me, probably thanks to all of the mud and hills the day before. Around mile 3 it started raining. Around mile 4 I had to go to the bathroom. Mile 4 also meant the start of something called “Hospital Hill” which is basically a giant hill that goes on for a good mile.

The race sucked and there were several times where I was holding in tears. But we pushed through and even though it was about 5 minutes off of our fastest 10K time, we finished.



After getting some ice for me aching knee at the medical tent, we hung around the finish line for a few hours, cheering on people who were really struggling in the rain. We saw a few people we knew, and cheered on Chris’ mom’s boyfriend who finished his first half with a terrific time!

I always love the finish line at races, because you see so many different emotions on people’s faces. I love being able to scream and cheer for strangers, encouraging them to push it for the last .1 miles to the finish. Sometimes I love that part as much as the race.

Chris and I then proceeded to come home and crash for about 3 hours in a much needed nap. The rest of the day was spent vegging on the couch, heading to church, and the usual Sunday night dinner with the family. Nothing exciting, but definitely relaxing, which is exactly what we needed.

I hope you guys had a great weekend too! I think I learned my lesson, that two races in one weekend is just TOO many.

So tell me: What did you do this weekend?

Cleaning and Weeding

13 May

Well, it’s Monday.

Haha. I don’t have anything happy to say about Monday, because let’s be real here. Monday’s kind of blow.

In my half asleep stupor this morning, I thought seriously hard about coming in a few hours late to work to sleep in. My darn conscience was finally able to convince myself that this wasn’t a good idea.

However, I’m happy to say that this was probably the most chill weekend I’ve had in MONTHS. It was definitely necessary, especially considering the insane weekend that I have coming up.


Friday was a super chill day at work, and included a soup and “MYOS” (Make Your Own Sandwich, of course!) lunch. I had a grilled sandwich with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mustard. Paired with some grapes and WAY too many doritos. Darn doritos get me every time. I paid for it later with a stomach ache, for sure!


It was also a chill work day, because we had an after work event to attend. That’s right, we were required to participate in a bowling party!


Rocking the super hot shoes. Sadly, they didn’t really help my bowling game, which is pretty terrible.


We were up early Saturday morning to get a few errands out of the way.

First up, the farmers market! We didn’t really get too much, because we were on a mission. For flowers! We picked up these two gorgeous dahlias for our front porch. Aren’t they beauties?


Next up, Lowes to pick up some veggies for our new garden. We ended up getting zucchini, 2 kinds of tomatoes (regular and cherry), jalapenos, and bell peppers.


Finally we made a run to PetSmart to meet up with a foster agency. Chris and I are working on being accepted to foster dogs in the area, which we’re super excited about. I’m sure it’s going to be a challenged not to get TOO attached, but it will be equally rewarding to help puppies get adopted.

Plus it means Laney gets to make a bunch of friends!

After we dropped Laney back off at home, we headed out to meet up with Chris’ family at the Fredericksburg BBQ Jamboree, where some of his family friends were competing with their team: Baby Got Butt. Is that not the best name ever for a BBQ team?


We hung out for awhile, before setting off to explore the event. Since I can’t really eat a whole lot of BBQ or pulled pork, I have to admit that the event wasn’t really my thing. But it was great to be able to support Chris’ family friends.


There were also several wineries there with tastings, so after a couple of those (and almost no food) I was seriously feeling it. Since the clouds were getting ominous, we decided to call it a day and headed home, where we proceeded to make giant smoothies. Amazing.


The rest of the day was spent cleaning out the spare bedroom. Seriously exciting stuff here people.

We finally called it a day around dinner time, when we cuddled up to watch Silver Linings Playbook. Chris and I both just finished listening to the book on audiobook, so we were seriously excited about the movie.

I have to admit, I was a LITTLE disappointed. I thought the book was great. And I thought the movie was great. But I think that the book and the movie were TOTALLY different. Like, almost not even the same story. It was just a very strange adaptation.


We managed to sleep in a little on Sunday morning before getting up and getting our butts out the door for a 5 mile run. We have 2 (yes, TWO) races this weekend, so we knew we needed to get a longer run in.

Sadly our Garmin died like a mile in, so I don’t know our time, but we ran our usual 5 mile route. I feel like we ran it in a decent pace, minus the fact that the wind was NOT in our favor (always conveniently on the hilly roads. So not fair).

When we got home, Chris headed outside to mow the lawn and do some general yard work, while I got to work cleaning the inside of the house.

After about an hour, I headed outside to help Chris with our exciting weekend project: Planting a garden!



As I said, we have 5 different veggies to start out with (since this gardening thing is new to us), and I’m extremely excited for them to grow!

After cleaning up, we headed out to meet up with Chris’ family for our usual church and dinner. But not before stopping for some froyo, which was just calling our name as we drove by. Cinnamon and Cookies n’ cream topped with a variety of fruits and chocolate.


Also, since it was mother’s day this past weekend, I do want to do a shout out to my Momma who got engaged this weekend! Congratulations mom!

Well there you go – my weekend. Lots of cleaning, lots of yardwork. Very much needed.

So tell me: Would you rather do yardwork or housework? Also, if you’ve seen/read Silver Linings Playbook, what did you think?