Lovin’ and Hatin’

12 Mar

Today has been full of either really good things, or really crappy things. So I thought I’d recap for you all.

While I HATE daylights saving time when I’m hitting my snooze button five extra times in the morning because it feels like 6am, I LOVE getting out of the gym at 7pm and still being able to take Laney for a walk in the (setting) sun. WAY better than our old pitch black sketchy walks of the last few months.

I LOVE my puppy dog because she’s adorable and pretty much would give me slobbery kisses constantly if she could, but I HATE that I had to spend my morning looking this up over breakfast:


Yup… my puppy might have worms. gross.

Also, I HATE when you go to pour a bowl of cereal and you realize that there is only about half a bowl worth left in the box. Who does that??

While I LOVE morning meetings that go until 10:30am and make the day seem to go by really fast, I HATE that I am totally fighting a cold right now, and my appetite was totally off. By 1pm I still wasn’t hungry (despite my half-bowl of cereal this morning), but I decided I better force myself to eat anyway.

So I raided my food drawer because the chili that I was in the fridge just did not sound good, and pulled out this gem: Miso Ramen Soup. Perfect for a cold.



Not too shabby for a pre-made, powdered soup. Much better than the Ramen Noodles of college-days.

I seriously was not hungry the entire rest of the day, but I forced myself to eat a spoonful of peanut butter as an afternoon snack before the gym.

Speaking of the gym, I LOVE when you finally notice some improvement in your fitness. I have been going to CXWorks class once a week (or so) since about August, and just today I was talking to a newbie in the class and realized just how much I’ve improved since the first few classes. Now I can do all the higher levels of moves, and I can make it through the entire plank track on my toes. It gave me an extra boost of confidence that even if I can’t physically see changes, that they are there underneath.

However, I HATE working out when I have been underfueled. After CXWorks I went to go elliptical (because my knee was feeling a bit funky and I didn’t want to risk running), and after about 15 minutes, my body was just done. That180 calories worth of soup and one tsp of peanut butter was just not cutting it. So I decided to cut things short and head home to walk Laney.

I LOVE mixing random foods. I was that weird kid in the 5th grade lunch room who would let their friends mix up a bunch of crap on their trays and I would eat it for $5. Mac & cheese on pizza topped with mustard and gravy? I was all over it for the right $$$.

I don’t know if my palate is just totally off or if it is just more complex, but I tend to mix foods like a pregnant woman (as a disclaimer, no mom, I’m not preggers).

See example:


That would be leftover indian spinach with paneer, brown rice with salsa and cheese, and more leftover roasted veggies/potatoes/sausage. Don’t judge me. It was delicious.

The rest of the evening was spent doing research on men’s suits (and I thought the world of women’s wear was complicated…)

Good thing I LOVE Chris – because this wedding planning stuff is stressful!

…too much?


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